Get to Know Your Wider Embraces

Do you want to know more about the Wider Embraces method before diving in? There are lots of information at the Wider Embraces site.

Or are you the type of person who prefer to make the experience first? Then start here:

Listen to a Guided Embrace

This recording will take you through the first three steps of a Wider Embraces session and give you a good introduction to the concepts.

The last steps, and the most exciting ones, are best done together with others in a live session, online or in person, see below.

Get the Full Experience – Online Meetings

These meetings are for everyone who is curious and willing to enter into our wider Embraces with an open mind and heart. We will:

  • Feel a deeper belonging to everything we are part of.
  • Explore dimensions of reality that are normally hidden from us.
  • Take part in the healing and aligning of life on planet Earth.

I will lead a guided meditation out into our wider Embraces, and there will be room for questions and reflections at the end.

To get an invitation, sign up for the newsletter in the footer, and check “Invitations to online meetings”. If you already subscribe, write to and I’ll add you to the meeting list.

The meetings are free of charge, though donations are welcome.

Before joining your first meeting please read the guidelines at the Wider Embraces site.

Said About the BelongAlign Method

I thought that the word embrace was a loose, metaphorical term – but it turns out that it is a very precise technical term. It really is a conscious embrace, you are held, integrated, immersed in a greater self, a greater perspective. 
Matthew Painton, Coach

The Wider Embraces has given me a new perspective on myself as a human being, and on the earth and the universe. It helps me feel more connected to life and all other living beings, coming closer to the circle of life. That feeling of belonging makes me feel grounded and calm, and I have enjoyed every session.
Anna Flärd

Most remarkable coaching. I’m genuinely impressed, both with the outcome of the session and by how Stina works. She opened up a truly open-minded arena for me to play on, and she confidently dealt with the trickiest issues of my mind. Issues, aspects and insights kept turning up during the session, through which three outstanding break-throughs happened. I very seldom give a five-star rating. But as I listened to the recording of my session, I can not find anything that lessens a top star rating, and full-hearted recommendation.
Ola, Energy Healer, DJ