The Two Views

When we lean out into our wider Embraces, our perspective changes in many different ways. From living in the past and the future, to the timeless now. From being a part, to be the whole. From conditionally, to unconditionally.

As this single human being, I see how we, humans, are destroying life on Earth. We produce nuclear waste, are spreading chemicals everywhere, and are erupting the climate. We are at the beginning of the sixth mass extinction.

As the Embrace of Planet Earth, I’m complete and whole, right now and here. I hold all my parts and everything that is going on, unconditionally.
Nothing to change, nothing to do.
I am perfect.

Can you grasp the paradox that both these views are genuinely true?
That there is no choice between them.

We live both inside and outside the flow of time:
– With memories of the past and ideas of a future. Where things matter.
– In an eternal Now.

We are both parts and the whole:
– Relating to everything around me that is not me.
– Embracing everything I belong to.

We are both held conditionally and unconditionally:
– Being loved and seen for who I am and what I accomplished.
– Being accepted, whoever I am, whatever I do.

I am one of many.
I am the Embrace of all.

Separation is true.
Oneness is true.

To heal, we need both views.

To experience it – Join a Guided Embrace

2019-12-07 by Stina Deurell


We are the Planetary Self-Healing System

The Planetary Self-Healing System

Do you feel like a victim of a destructive human-made system crashing the planet? Then this is an invitation to take a step forward and embrace it all, heal it all. It takes some courage, but it’s worth it. And if you have the courage, you are needed.

Thursday evening Annelie, Bettina and I met online. We had a powerful session: The stillness in the Embrace of the Universe, the aliveness in the Embrace of the Biosphere, and the creativity of the Embrace of Humanity. Then the healing alignment of all parts of me, and the intimate but non-personal Embrace of the Group. And finally, we leaned out into the Embrace of the Planet, asking how we could align and contribute. We took the perspective as the Embrace, holding all parts in alignment, unconditionally. An insight surfaced, we are part of, and we are the Planetary Self-Healing System. 

It’s not the planet healing us, and it’s not us healing the planet. It’s one system healing itself, and we are one “Planetary Self-Healing System”. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System

When we become aware of the ongoing destruction of the living planet, it’s easy to see ourselves as victims of forces we can’t control – feeling trapped. We blame and fight “the others”, and we feel guilt and shame because we are part of the system and benefit from it. Or we try to escape it, growing our food, preparing for the worst, separating ourselves from” the others”, the destroyers. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System is a call to embrace everything, including all humans and all human activity. Yes, all of it. You can’t heal something you are not. We are all part of the whole planet, deeply embedded. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System is not about having hope, but being hope, without knowing the outcome. It’s about holding potential and being alignment. Unconditionally. 

There is no separation, I am the Earth.

If this resonates with you or makes you curious, please join, and become more aligned, all the way from the human you, to the whole planet. Right now and into the far future. 

2019-11-23 by Stina Deurell