We are the Planetary Self-Healing System

The Planetary Self-Healing System

Do you feel like a victim of a destructive human-made system crashing the planet? Then this is an invitation to take a step forward and embrace it all, heal it all. It takes some courage, but it’s worth it. And if you have the courage, you are needed.

Thursday evening Annelie, Bettina and I met online. We had a powerful session: The stillness in the Embrace of the Universe, the aliveness in the Embrace of the Biosphere, and the creativity of the Embrace of Humanity. Then the healing alignment of all parts of me, and the intimate but non-personal Embrace of the Group. And finally, we leaned out into the Embrace of the Planet, asking how we could align and contribute. We took the perspective as the Embrace, holding all parts in alignment, unconditionally. An insight surfaced, we are part of, and we are the Planetary Self-Healing System. 

It’s not the planet healing us, and it’s not us healing the planet. It’s one system healing itself, and we are one “Planetary Self-Healing System”. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System

When we become aware of the ongoing destruction of the living planet, it’s easy to see ourselves as victims of forces we can’t control – feeling trapped. We blame and fight “the others”, and we feel guilt and shame because we are part of the system and benefit from it. Or we try to escape it, growing our food, preparing for the worst, separating ourselves from” the others”, the destroyers. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System is a call to embrace everything, including all humans and all human activity. Yes, all of it. You can’t heal something you are not. We are all part of the whole planet, deeply embedded. 

The Planetary Self-Healing System is not about having hope, but being hope, without knowing the outcome. It’s about holding potential and being alignment. Unconditionally. 

There is no separation, I am the Earth.

If this resonates with you or makes you curious, please join, and become more aligned, all the way from the human you, to the whole planet. Right now and into the far future. 

2019-11-23 by Stina Deurell


The Biosphere and Alignment

Alignment and the Biosphere

I love the word “Alignment”. It’s a gentle move; finding my place together with others in a broader structure, and as an over-arching structure, letting my parts find their optimal place. All the way up and down.

All the cells in my body are aligned, forming this human being. All species in a healthy eco-system, are aligned with each other and the environment.

I see alignment as an essential path forward, whatever happens in my life and on planet Earth. It’s a tool for building stable foundations, and it’s a tool for handling rough times together, and for healing myself. It’s an outer and inner work, done by individuals together.

As a human being, I align all of me with the Biosphere.
As the Biosphere, I align all my parts, all living beings.

Alignment and the Biosphere

The Wider Embraces method, is the best tool for alignment I know about. Please tell me if you know a better one!

It’s powerful, yet soft.
It’s complex, yet simple to do.
It’s a collective work, yet respects the integrity of every individual.

Alignment is essential, and I insist that you give it a try.
Do it for yourself, Humanity and the Biosphere. We need each other.
Join here.

2019-03-27 by Stina Deurell


The Irrepressible Life Force

The Irrepressible Lifeforce – Alder tree on the beach of Fulltofta, frozen lake

We all love the gifts of growth and development:
– Longer, healthier lives!
– Surviving kids!
– Food from all over the world, year round!
– Better, bigger houses with tap water and washing machine!
– Communication via radio, TV, computer, mobile phone!
– Travelling across the globe!
– Knowledge and entertainment 24-7!

Who wants to limit any of this for oneself?
Or tell someone else to limit their life?
Or tell the poor not to dream about it?

Though we know that we can’t have limitless growth on a finite planet and we consume 1.2 planets today, and the human population is growing.

The List of Suspects

To handle the downsides of our progress, we have a long list of suspects to blame:
– The rich and the capitalist system.
– Colonialism and the western civilisation.
– Men and the patriarchy.
– The rational mind and technology.

Pointing the finger, not sensing the underlying force in all of us.

The Irrepressible Life Force

Take a deep breath and feel that you are a part of life on Earth, all the way back to the cell 3,7 billion years ago, from which all life on Earth has sprung, including you.

Life on Earth is the story of the irrepressible life force, exploiting every possible niche. Our huge family tree lives in the oceans and lakes, in the air, on the plains, in the mountains, it lives inside hard rocks, cold ice, and hot springs.

Our family tree has gone through at least five mass extinctions but always got back and formed new species and new diverse and complex ecosystems. Though, to recover after a mass extinction event, takes five to thirty million years, depending on the scale of the crash. It’s not a quick fix, but a persistent struggle to keep on living and changing.

The Archetype of Planet Earth

If you put your feet down into the warm, slow-moving magma inside the Earth and feel the heart of the planet – you will sense the origin of the life force that is flourishing on its surface. The Force of Life is the archetype of planet Earth. We all live inside this force, and we are an expression of it.

The Irrepressible Lifeforce – Alder tree on the beach of Fulltofta, high water

Owning it – No Separation

We, as humanity, are the most potent and powerful expression of this life force. And there is nothing strong enough to counter-balance us, no outer borders that can hold us. Other than a brake-down of the biosphere, what we called our support system. Our mighty strength is our curse.

It’s about time to own the irrepressible life force in myself.
Feel it’s beauty and strength – It gave birth to me and everything I love.
Feel it’s limitless growth – It’s destroying me and everything I love.

There is no separation. Nothing outside me to point the finger at and blame.

When I am one with our Planetary Life Force – I can start to feel into how I might self-limit, as the Embrace of all of us.

The Irrepressible Lifeforce – Alder tree on the beach of Fulltofta, low water

All photos of the same alder tree at lake Ringsjön in Fulltofta. The tree lives through winter, high water and low water. Notable is also the reed and other plants that have started to grow in the sand due to this summers extream low water.
Photos by Stina Deurell.

2018-09-25 by Stina Deurell