About BelongAlign

Belonging, Insights, Alignment
– The BelongAlign at a Glance

Have you ever thought about how it is to actually ‘be’ planet Earth, or your Family, your Continent, or all of Humanity?

The BelongAlign method can give you a sense of this, a glimpse of these wider perspectives. Perspectives that may change who you think you are and what the world is about.

Deeper Belonging

Do you feel that you don’t belong here, that there is a separation between you and everything else? The BelongAlign method will let you rest in the Embrace of everything you belong to, unconditionally. Separation is true, but so is belonging.

The Wider Embraces has given me a new perspective on myself as a human being, and on the earth and the universe.

WE helps me feel more connected to life and all other living beings, coming closer to the circle of life. That feeling of belonging makes me feel grounded and calm, and I have enjoyed every session.

Anna Flärd

Insights from a Wider Perspective

BelongAlign is a unique way of experiencing the world. You can become aware of the collective aspects of your life, and not only aware of them, but aware ‘as’ them. From these wider perspectives, you gain insights and wisdom that are impossible to get from your standard viewpoint.

What is an Embrace?

Is it a hug? Yes, sort of, you can think of the Embraces as anything with an inside and an outside. Embraces come in all sizes, from particles to the Universe, and they can be defined by physical borders, biological kinship or cultural belonging; or any combination of the three.

I thought that the word embrace was a loose, metaphorical term – but it turns out that it is a very precise technical term. It ireally is a conscious embrace, you are held, integrated, immersed in a greater self, a greater perspective. 

Matthew Painton, Coach

The Crucial Relation Between Humanity and the Biosphere

For me, the relationship between humanity and the biosphere is the most important one. I see BelongAlign as a powerful tool. A tool that can both make us aware of our role here on planet Earth, and also help us move into alignment with it.

An Ongoing Exploration

The BelongAlign Method is based on the question “Who is Embracing?” that came to me in 2012. Together with friends, I’ve slowly figured out what it is about, and we are continuously developing both the method and our understanding.

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