From a Question to a Territory to a Mission

The winding road on this image is a perfect illustration of how BelongAlign has emerged and developed since I captured the picture in the Swiss Alps in 2011, at the beginning of my journey. It takes time to figure out a new method and draw a map of our inner landscape based in our outer reality.

Now in spring 2020, the project is taking its next turn; splitting into “Wider Embraces” and “BelongAlign”. I take this as an excuse to look back and see what has happened.

Navigating with a Question – Who is Embracing?

The whole project arrived as a question “Who is Embracing?” in 2012, and that was also the name of the project for its first four years.

Who is Embracing?

The name of the project and what we were doing was the same; exploring hidden parts of reality with a simple question. Figuring out how to navigate. What settings are the best? Who can do it?

It was a lot of experimenting and playing around, mainly together with two groups of friends; one local group of women and a circle of integral friends online. Though the members have shifted during the years, these groups are still the primary vessels for the whole project, because this is about the collective side of reality.

Figuring out the Territory – Wider Embraces

In 2016 I changed the name to “Wider Embraces”; a straight forward description of what we had found and what we were exploring; our wider, collective dimensions. The taglines shifted a few times and ended up as “Belonging – Perspectives – Alignment”.

Wider Embraces – Belonging Perspectives Alignmen

This period was about figuring out what we had found – leaning out into our common Embraces again and again. What is changing and what is stable? What is personal, and what is collective? Making sense of it all.

We now have a reasonable map of the territory and understanding of the structures (read more under Key Concepts). And the method works wonderfully for navigating our wider Embraces. The Embraces are still called Embraces, and they are still wide, some things are changing, but not all.

Finding the Purpose – BelongAlign

Now, four years later, in spring 2020, it’s time to change again. The purpose of the project is coming into the forefront for me. Why am I doing this? What can be accomplished? What is the role of this project in our cultural jungle of ideas?

Two keywords have come to the forefront recently; Belong and Align. I love those words, the sounds, the letters, and what they stand for. When they merged one morning, I knew I’d found the next step on my journey.

Two Sites – and

During the years there has always been a tension between the Wider Embraces as a method that can be used in thousands of ways and my focus on the planet. It has been an ongoing dance between parts and whole, open and closed, people and planet. The resolution is to have two sites and two names.

  • BelongAlign – – this one, is my personal site, where I can fully express my visions and ideas and focus on the Biosphere far into the future.
  • Wider Embraces – – is the home of the method, here you find texts about the key concepts, the method, the story behind. And you’ll find me and others who are prepared to guide you out into your wider Embraces.

I’m curious about what will emerge on this new turn. It has given me new energy and opened the door for more people to engage in the development of our Wider Embraces.

If you want to know what happened before the question arrived in 2012, the story is on the Wider Embraces site – The Journey Behind BelongAlign.

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