We are part of the Biosphere, Unconditionally

Welcome to BelongAlign, my personal site, where I present my views and experiences from working with the Wider Embraces method. Here you’ll also find my guided sessions.

Stina Deurell
Founder of Wider Embraces

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Vision and Mission

Why? – Vision and Mission; Our Planetary Journey

– It’s not enough with political changes or more meditation, nor will recycling and green energy solve our global problems. We have to profoundly change our story about who we are and how the world is put together. From separation to belonging and alignment, without losing the beauty of separation.

Read more about what my vision and mission, does it align with you?

How? – Experience all Your Wider Embraces

Start with a recorded guided meditation and continue with an online session. BelongAlign is about first-hand experiences. Become aware of that I am everything I belong to, unconditionally. You can never understand it by reading about it, though some understanding helps.

Join in and lean out into all your wider Embraces.

Cosmos in Ice

Who? – Stina’s Background and Sources of Inspiration

The Wider Embraces method and the BelongAlign vision wouldn’t be possible without everything I’ve experienced and everyone I’ve met during my life. From the very beginning this planet, with all its life has been in my focus. Add aikido, science, healing, integral philosophy, meditation and photography and lots of friends and you have a good ground.

Read more about what has inspired and influenced me.

What? – Method, Key-Concepts and the Story Behind

This site is about my personal expressions, ideas and my offerings. On the Wider Embraces site you’ll find a more ‘rational’ approach, with an in-depth description of the method and the key-concepts. You will also find more guides and opportunities.

Get to know the method, the ideas and the story at the Wider Embraces site, new window.

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